Re: was trying to find out what a subscription and charge for answers on Just Answer. In o

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I searched all over the website for information regarding the cost of a subscription and payment for answers on I looked all over.

I wanted to email that question but they insist on registering before you can email them. I have had too many instances where I found myself charged for a service when all I did was an inquirery. I refuse to get myself in any situation like that again. Why can't they be up front about what they charge?

Who wants to sign themselves up for a service without knowing what they are going to be charged? I don't see how the BBB and other organizations can give a recommendation for a company that does this.



I still don't understand what you're looking for. If you actually want to advertise on these search engines, in a pay-per-click scenario, these kinds of charges vary and you will have to contact them.


I did search all over their web site, went to help and FACS and didn't find anything. I did not want to get held up on a phone call while they try to sell me something.

That is the same reason I didn't register. The information stating the cost of a subscription and the charge for satisfactory answers should be right there where you can find it. I am very careful not to sign up or register as I don't want spam or phone calls to try and get me to sign up. I want to look without commitment.

I think any service should always be upfront with the charges!

This is the web site.


Your post is confusing, doesn't charge for answers, they're just a search engine, like Google. I have no familiarity with Just Answer, but why do you not call or go to the website of whatever (magazine?) subscription you're interested in. took over my Mom's home page,they stink!

0 comments took over my 90 year old mother's home page. I hate this company, she is 1200 miles away and is totally confused because she can't open her home page.

I think their practice stinks and costs people so much time and aggravation to get them out of their computers.

I will try to go through the proper channels to get somebody onto this company.

I have tried to fix this over the phone only to see her so upset as to give up and take it to a computer repair store.

My advice is do not use them.

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